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From vertical or horizontal lathes to collaborative robots, Morris carries a wide range of CNC machinery from leading builders.  

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5 Axis MU 5000V Vertical Machining Center Okuma

Whether you are in the aerospace, energy, automotive or another industry, 5-axis machines can help you reduce part handling in a fast and accurate way. With two additional rotational axes, 5-axis machines are best known for their ability to create complex parts.

Morris carries 5-axis machines from builders such as Okuma, Soraluce, and Modig.

We carry 5-Axis from the builders listed below.

5-axis machines from Geminis, Soraluce, and Modig

Manufacturing is turning towards automation in which additive solutions play a huge part.  Morris offers BigRep and Desktop Metal 3D printing and manufacturing systems to our customers.  We also offer the Okuma MU-8000V LASER EX.  The Okuma laser has subtractive and additive capabilities within a single machine.

We carry additive manufacturing solutions from the builders listed below.

Additive STUDIO G2 Big Rep
Morris carries additive manufacturing from Okuma, bigrep, and Desktop Metal
Automation UR10e UR Robots

In part due to growth and labor challenges, manufacturing companies are asking for accessible and simple automation.  Automated processes increase efficiency and profitability in manufacturing.  Some technologies within our automation product range are Okuma's ROID series, AWR's Load & Go, and collaborative robots from UR Robots.

We carry automation solutions from the builders listed below.

Untitled 1

Coolant systems are used extensively in the machine tool industry for turning, milling, grinding, and deep drilling applications.  Morris represents MP Systems, the premier US manufacturer of High Pressure Coolant (HPC) systems, to offer manufactures solutions that help them maximize their machine tools.

We are proud to carry coolant systems from MP Systems.

Coolant Pump MPSystems
Morris carries coolant systems from MP Systems
Double Column PXG Soraluce

When it comes to machining very large and long parts, double column machines are the solution.  The double column machines in the Morris portfolio from Okuma and Soraluce offer precision and versatility at a large scale.

We carry double columns from the builders listed below.

Morris carries Okuma and Soraluce double columns

If you need to grind parts that are to be used in automobiles, motorcycles, hydraulic equipment, home appliances, and more, Morris has a grinding machine for you.

We carry Okuma I.D. and O.D. grinders, Chevalier CNC SMART grinders, fully automatic surface grinders, and semi-automatic surface grinders.

We carry grinders from the builders listed below.

Chevalier Grinder
Grinders from Okuma and Chevalier
Horizontal Lathe LB3000EXII Okuma

The horizontal lathe is a highly developed machine tool that is a staple for many industries. You can mount parts with clamps, a tailstock, and even a Steady Rest or a Follower Rest on a horizontal lathe allowing you to turn workpieces like long shafts, for example.
Our wide range of horizontal lathes from builders such as Okuma, Tsugami America, and Geminis, means that we have a horizontal lathe solution for you!

We carry horizontal lathes from the builders listed below.

Horizontal Lathe Strip New

We have TRUMPF marking systems available in different sizes and power classes so that you can find the optimal device for every marking task whether large or small sized components, or large or small lot sizes.  All the laser marking systems are simple, comfortable, and safe to use.  TRUMPF marking systems are designed for ergonomic operation, both with standing and seated operating positions.  They are certified to laser class 1 meaning that they can be used in your plant without any additional safety measures.

Morris is proud to carry laser marking systems from TRUMPF in CT, MA, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT, WI, WV, and Western PA.

TruMark Stations Trumpf NoBckrnd
Morris carries TRUMPF laser marking systems
MA600HII Horizontal Machining Center Okuma

Machining centers are ideal for continuously performing several types of machining simultaneously on different surfaces of a workpiece.  This and a tool change arm that swiftly retrieves and exchanges tools from a tool magazine improves production efficiency.

Whatever your machining needs — 3, 4, or 5 axis, horizontal, vertical, inverted, or double column, Morris has a machine for you.

We carry machining centers from the builders listed below.

Machining Centers Strip New

With the world becoming more computer controlled, it is important to note that CNC Machine shops have not moved away from manual equipment, due to their significant role on the shop floor. Manual machines are terrific for one-off parts, quick turnarounds, custom jobs, training new employees, and general shop usage or repair. We proudly offer our customers a wide range of manual products such as: Tool Room Lathes, Precision Lathes, Heavy Duty Lathes, and Big Bore Lathes. Horizontal Knee Mills and Vertical Knee Mills, Surface Grinders, and Cylindrical Grinders.

Our customers receive the same world class service and support on all Morris offered (manual) brands below: 


Sh 350 Dm Sized
Manual Machines Top Strip New
Manual Machines Bottom Strip New
Soraluce Milling Machine

Our milling product range includes 5-axis vertical milling centers, high-speed vertical milling centers, and horizontal boring mills, to name a few. Our partnerships with Okuma and Soraluce guarantee our ability to find the right milling solution for you with the highest reliability and productivity benefits.

We carry milling machines from the builders listed below.

Soraluce and Okuma logo

Machine tools create considerable amounts of mist and aerosol in the factory environment.  Morris offers mist collectors from National Machine Products such as the ExoMist HPMC Series which is designed to remove mist and aerosol particles.  The ExoMist HPMC Series exceeds OSHA and NIOSH guidelines.

We are proud to carry mist collectors from National.

Mist Collector Exomist 2 National Machine Products
Morris carries mist collectors from National Machine Products
Multitasking Gantry Machine PRG Soraluce

With a multi-tasking machine, you can perform most, if not all, machining on a part in a single cycle.  Morris carries multi-tasking machines from builders such as Okuma, Tsugami America, Soraluce, and Geminis.

We carry multi-tasking machines from the builders listed below.

Multi Tasking Strip New

Morris carries a wide range of Swiss machines including Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes, Swiss Turning Centers, Swiss Turn Lathes with B-Axis, 9-Axis Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes, and Swiss Type Multifunction Turning Centers.

Morris is proud to carry Swiss machines from Tsugami.

Swiss TMA8F Tsugami
Swiss Strip New
Turning Center M08SY Tsugami REM

Morris carries turning machines from Okuma, Tsugami America, Famar, Geminis, and Soraluce.  One such machine is the M08SY, Tsugami's high performance turning center featuring a Y-axis, live tooling and sub-spindle for CNC turning and CNC milling in a single machine tool.

We carry turning machines from the builders listed below.

Turning Machines Strip New

When machining large, heavy workpieces, vertical lathes are the best choice. Unlike workpieces in horizontal lathes, the workpieces in vertical lathes stand upright, meaning that they need less clamping force to be held in place and can have more cutting force applied to them.  With a variety of solutions, we can help you achieve your goals of reducing cycle time and increasing chip removal rates.

We carry vertical lathes from the builders listed below.

Vertical Lathe V40R Okuma
Vertical Lathes Strip New

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