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The Robert E. Morris Company is one of the most respected machine tool distributors in the Northeast. As a leading figure in the industry, we have exclusive rights in numerous states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. If you're searching for 'machine tool distributors near me', look no further. We're also proud members of the American Machine Tool Distributors Association, further cementing our commitment to quality and service.

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Since its founding by Robert E. Morris and his wife, Dorothy, in 1941, The Robert E. Morris Company has grown to be one of the Northeast's most respected machine tool distributors. The Robert E. Morris Company provides CNC machine tools, tooling and accessories, and related engineering and support services to manufacturers of precision machined parts in the New England states plus Northern New Jersey and Eastern New York, including the New York metro area and Long Island.

Morris represents the following machine tool lines: C.R. Onsrud, Chevalier, Desktop Metal, GEMINIS Lathes, Hauser, Jones & Shipman, Kellenberger, Momentum, MP Systems, Okuma, SORALUCE, TRUMPF Tru-Mark Laser Marking Systems, Tschudin, Tsugami, Usach, Velocity, Unisig and Voumard.

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Our Preventative Maintenance support team is willing and able to help you get ahead of any problems or pain points that can occur and cause delays in your machines production time and functionality.

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Precision Redefined: The Morris Group’s Mastery in Advanced Machining

  Introduction   Morris Group Inc. is a conglomerate of machine tool distributor companies and accessories with a rich history dating back to 1941. Now led by 3rd Generation Owner/CEO Brad Morris, the company has grown to include 20 divisions and 18 brick-and-mortar facilities, serving a diverse range of industries.   A Legacy Built on …

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Soraluce Webinar: Success Stories in Aerospace Components Machining

Webinar: Success Stories in Aerospace Components Machining Hosted by Modern Machine Shop and presented by our partners at Soraluce! You are invited to a 30 min webinar: December 5, 2023 | 2:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM CST REGISTER HERE Webinar Date & Time Tuesday, December 5, 2023  2:00 PM Eastern Time / 1:00 PM …

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Unpacking the Benefits: How Mist Collection Changes the Game in CNC Machine Shops | National Machine Products

  Maximize the Benefits of Clean Air with the ExoMist HPMC Series Mist Collectors   National Machine Products understands the importance of maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. The ExoMist HPMC Series Mist Collectors are designed to provide numerous benefits to CNC machine shops, including reducing maintenance and downtime, ensuring overall shop safety, and …

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Protect Your CNC Machines with Velum Air Filters | National Machine Products

  Velum Air Filters: The Ultimate CNC Machine Filter Solution   Keeping your machines safe, protected, and productive is essential for any manufacturing facility. Velum air filters offer a cost-effective, easy, and fast solution to protect your investments, ensuring optimal performance of your electronic machines, compressors, and motors. In this article, we will discuss the …

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December Product of the Month: ITF Parts Washers

The ITF Parts Washing Cleaners demonstrate an exceptional versatility, catering to diverse cleaning needs. It leverages modified alcohol for instances requiring strong degreasing, and chlorinated systems with perchloroethylene for widespread metal compatibility, while hydrocarbon systems are employed for eco-friendly operation. The entire system cycle operates under vacuum, maintaining an airtight seal, and each cleaning phase is performed with fresh liquid courtesy of a double distiller. This ensures a ready supply of clean solvent, even during brief cycle times, leading to a steady washing process, high cleaning quality, and safety for operators by avoiding direct contact with the solvent.

These solvent cleaning solutions are in-stock and available for purchase.*

*Subject to prior sale

Ensure a steady, high-quality cleaning process with ITF Part Washers – request a quote now to elevate your cleaning needs. 

Advanced Swiss Machining Solutions by Tsugami

Experience the evolution of swiss machining with Tsugami's exceptional range. The B0205-III and B0326-III swiss type lathes boast an opposing gang tool system that offers milling, drilling, tapping, and thread whirling. The SS207-II is a swiss type lathe configured with B-axis live tools, perfect for crafting contoured shapes in a single setup. The BW329Z features a three-path CNC control that enables operations between the main spindle and sub spindle for fast cycle times. 

Take advantage of the Section 179 tax incentive by investing in Tsugami to boost your production and tax savings simultaneously.

*Subject to prior sale. 

November 2023 Tsugami Inventory for Swiss type lathes and multifunction swiss turn machines

Invest Smart: Okuma Machines and Section 179 Tax Benefits

Get ready to upgrade your production with our range of Okuma machines, tailored for every machining need. The GENOS L250II 1-saddle CNC lathe offers unmatched precision for your detailed work. For top-notch lathe performance, turn to the LB3000EX II horizontal lathe. The MB-4000H is a robust horizontal machining center designed for your most demanding projects. When it comes to vertical machining, the GENOS M560-V is your powerhouse, while the GENOS M460-5AX offers unparalleled 5-axis vertical machining center versatility. And for those looking to double their output, the LT2000 EX twin spindle turning center is the perfect choice.

Make the most of the Section 179 tax code and consider investing in machinery that boosts your operations while optimizing your tax benefits.

Interested in learning more about our Okuma inventory? Reach out to our team today for more details!

*Subject to prior sale

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