Prevent the Problem with Preventative Maintenance

At The Robert E. Morris Company, we strive to help our customers tackle any problem — even those that haven’t occurred yet. Our Preventative Maintenance program makes sure your machines are being taken care of and you can avoid unnecessary downtimes. By providing preventative maintenance on your machines, we help our customers avoid costly downtime and extend the life of their machines.

Preventative Maintenance

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How Preventative Maintenance Can Benefit Your Shop

  • Avoid costly downtime.
  • Improved reliability increases ROI.
  • Ensures Warranty terms are validated.
  • Extends the life of your machine.
  • Part replacement can be monitored and budgeted.
  • Reduce scrap from wear related changes to accuracy and alignment.
  • Records of maintenance add value if the machine is sold.

We Also Provide These Additional Services

*Additional fees apply

  • Ballbar
  • Spindle balancing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Turret alignments
  • Laser calibration services
  • Spindle Vibration Analysis

Total Productive Maintenance Program

Our Total Productive Maintenance program is one of the most intensive and thorough in the industry. After completion of the maintenance session, we will present a report with our findings, along with any suggestions we may have to improve performance. Our intent is not only to provide regular yearly maintenance but to provide you with the highest degree of accuracy, repeatability, and production dependability that your equipment can provide.

Our TPM program involves:

Machining Centers

  • All critical parallel and perpendicular measurements are checked.
  • Spindle runout, load and temperature are checked before and after the spindle has been run up to max rpms for 30 minutes.
  • Pull force retention is checked.
  • The headstock areas are cleaned.
  • Spindle and encoder belts are checked for wear and correct tension.


  • Turret
  • Headstock
  • Tailstock alignments
  • Spindle runout
  • Actuator runout

All oils and disposable filters are changed, and the tanks are cleaned inside and out.

Motor cooling ribs and fans are cleaned.

Hydraulic, lubrication, air, and coolant lines assemblies are checked for leaks.

The lubrication system is checked to assure proper lube to the ball screws, ways and linear guides. 

Spindle cooling units and gear box lubrication systems are checked for proper operation.

All wipers and belts are checked, and covers are pulled back to inspect the ways, guides and ballscrews and the areas are cleaned.

Ball screws are checked for smooth and proper operation.

The heat exchangers, fans, and filters are cleaned.

Drive units are removed from the electrical cabinet and heat exchangers and fans are cleaned.

All critical voltages are checked and assure electrical connections are tight.

All fans are cleaned and checked for correct operation.

Motor fans are cleaned and brushes, where applicable, are checked.

All geometries and levels are checked.

All machine functions are checked for correct operation and alignment.

We check all safety interlocks and report any other safety issues that we may find to you.

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Contact Us for Preventative Maintenance

Please contact us for additional information regarding these services. Contact the office at (860) 687-3373 or fill out the form with any questions or to schedule.

Per applicable machine manuals, customers are responsible for complying with daily, weekly, one month, 3 month, and six month to a year Inspection, Maintenance and Adjustment requirements. Many Inspection, Maintenance and Machine adjustment requirements don’t align with yearly PM intervals.