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Morris South is a leading provider of high-performance CNC machine tools. We offer a comprehensive range of tooling and accessories, along with related engineering and support services. Our services cater to manufacturers of precision machined parts across Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

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Morris South has whole or partial exclusive distribution rights in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Morris South has been the exclusive distributor of Okuma CNC machine tools in this region since 1980.

Our mission is to help our customers maintain a competitive advantage in the world economy by improving productivity. We help our customers make better parts less expensively by providing innovative process solutions for virtually every industry, notably the automotive, medical, aerospace, defense, agricultural, and transportation industries - all leading industries in our region.

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The Transition to Industry 5.0 for Manufacturing

  The transition to Industry 5.0 marks a significant evolution in the manufacturing sector, heralding a new era that goes beyond the automation and digitalization of Industry 4.0. This transformative phase, as outlined in the Wikipedia article on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, represents a shift toward integrating human creativity with technological advancements, emphasizing sustainable and …

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Protect Your CNC Machines with Velum Air Filters | National Machine Products

  Velum Air Filters: The Ultimate CNC Machine Filter Solution   Keeping your machines safe, protected, and productive is essential for any manufacturing facility. Velum air filters offer a cost-effective, easy, and fast solution to protect your investments, ensuring optimal performance of your electronic machines, compressors, and motors. In this article, we will discuss the …

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Unpacking the Benefits: How Mist Collection Changes the Game in CNC Machine Shops | National Machine Products

Maximize the Benefits of Clean Air with the ExoMist HPMC Series Mist Collectors National Machine Products understands the importance of maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. The ExoMist HPMC Series Mist Collectors are designed to provide numerous benefits to CNC machine shops, including reducing maintenance and downtime, ensuring overall shop safety, and protecting employee …

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CNC Industry Trends 2024: Embracing Evolution in CNC Machining

As we look ahead to 2024, CNC industry trends signal a major shift towards advanced technology and sustainability. This article delves into the pivotal trends shaping this sector, focusing on the integration of Artificial Intelligence, the rise of smart factories and the industrial metaverse, the evolution of digital supply chain solutions, and the transformation of …

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Morris South x Associated Metalcast: A Reshoring Success Story

In a world where reshoring is becoming increasingly important, Morris South has partnered with Associated Metalcast to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. Located in Alabama, Associated Metalcast has grown from 13 to over 130 employees in just a decade, thanks in part to automation and partnerships with companies like Morris South.   The Importance …

Morris South x Associated Metalcast: A Reshoring Success Story Read More »

Precision Redefined: The Morris Group’s Mastery in Advanced Machining

  Introduction   Morris Group Inc. is a conglomerate of machine tool distributor companies and accessories with a rich history dating back to 1941. Now led by 3rd Generation Owner/CEO Brad Morris, the company has grown to include 20 divisions and 18 brick-and-mortar facilities, serving a diverse range of industries.   A Legacy Built on …

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Cosen saws for February's Machine of the Month distributed by Morris

From Kickoff to Touchdown: Cosen Saws Deliver Championship-Level Precision

Experience cutting-edge efficiency with the SC-275, Cosen's semi-automatic cold saw. Its flood coolant system ensures a smooth finish with every cut, while the user-friendly design allows easy operation with just a foot pedal.

For a more automated approach, the C-260NC is your go-to. This automatic horizontal band saw boasts programmable controls for diverse cutting jobs, a back-tilt angled saw head for reduced blade stress, and a high-pressure resistant gearbox.

Financing is available through Machinery Finance Resources, offering tailored solutions and straightforward financing options to support your investment.

These saws are in stock and ready to be shipped to your floor!* Contact us now to learn more!

*Subject to prior sale. 

Exclusive Okuma Offer: Your Next Machine is Here, Closer Than You Think!

Step into 2024 with Morris and elevate your manufacturing capabilities with Okuma's precision machinery, now offered at special prices for a limited time. Available for immediate purchase are the GENOS M560-V and MB-4000H machining centers, GENOS L250II and GENOS L400II horizontal lathes, along with the versatile turning centers LB3000 EX II and LT2000 EX. Dive into our diverse range of advanced 5-axis, lathes, and mills. Embrace the new year with technology that guarantees precision, efficiency, and longevity.

*Subject to prior sale. Offer is valid Jan 5th through Feb. 29, 2024.

'Closer Than You Think' isn't just a promise – it's your gateway to unparalleled precision and efficiency. Click below to get exclusive pricing, or visit us for a live demo – your perfect machine tool is closer than you think!

January 2024 Velum Protective Filters Product of the Month

Achieve Uninterrupted Operations and Cost Savings with Velum Protective Filters

Velum Protective Filters offers numerous benefits that help save you time and money. Not only do they safeguard your industrial equipment from harmful particles, but they also boast a 30% reduction in maintenance costs, zero downtime, and a quick 5-second replacement. One Velum roll provides up to 2 years of total protection, requiring no switchgear opening and costing as little as 5 cents per day. The visual control feature allows you to change filters regularly, preventing the spread of harmful particles and ensuring your equipment operates at maximum efficiency.

This product is in-stock and available for immediate purchase.*

*Subject to prior sale

Take control of your equipment's protection and cost-saving potential – click below to request a quote and start benefiting from reduced maintenance, zero downtime, and long-lasting performance!

Machining Solutions Since 1941

Reshoring Success Story

Discover the transformative journey of Associated Metalcast as they embrace the reshoring trend, a strategic move that involves bringing manufacturing back to the United States to tackle supply chain issues head-on. This reshoring initiative not only minimizes costs but also enables them to proudly offer USA-made products to their customers, reinforcing their commitment to quality and local industry support.

Reshoring, or 'reshore' as it's sometimes called, has allowed Associated Metalcast to significantly reduce the complexities and delays often associated with overseas manufacturing. By localizing their production, they have gained greater control over their supply chain, enabling them to respond more swiftly to market changes and customer demands. This strategic decision has also led to cost savings, eliminating hefty international shipping fees and reducing lead times.

Moreover, by offering USA-made products, Associated Metalcast is not just selling items; they are providing a promise of superior quality, ethical manufacturing practices, and local job creation. This commitment resonates with many customers who value domestic production and wish to support local industries.

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