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Helping our customers do more with less entails more than providing the most advanced technology—it requires a clear understanding of manufacturing challenges and how to produce parts better, faster, and more profitably. Getting the most out of your precision machinery demands the best application engineering and process expertise.

Our Engineering Department offers a wide range of services, including process reviews and consultation services. We deliver whatever level of engineering support you need. Sometimes, we simply act as a resource of answers to programming questions. At other times, we take our customers from print to part.

Ask our Engineers

Morris engineers are highly respected for their work in the aerospace, automotive, energy and medical fields. It’s no surprise that some of manufacturing’s most recognized names belong to our customers. Our process expertise…turnkey solutions…manufacturing cells…automation and robotics.

  • Industry Knowledge

    The depth and range of Morris process expertise is the result of decades of experience working within virtually every sector of manufacturing.

  • Aerospace & Power Generation

    We provide specialized CNC machine tools and engineering services to turbine manufacturers in the aerospace and power generation industries throughout the southeastern U.S.

  • Training

    We can teach your operators or maintenance staff the basics and provide a full explanation of the needs of the different machines on your shop floor.

Engineering Support

Get all of your machining questions answered by Morris Engineers.