Advanced Laser Marking Technology for Medical Devices

TRUMPF offers customized medical technology packages that includes expert application consultation for laser marking, which provides long-lasting, high-contrast markings with sharp edges. Laser marking is an ideal solution for the medical industry, as it is chemically and thermally resistant and easily legible, ensuring that the markings are durable and clearly visible even after repeated sterilization or exposure to harsh environments

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Source: TRUMPF Group

Laser Marking Applications

Trumark Station 7000

High Quality Black Marking

TruMark Station 7000, in combination with TruMicro Mark 2030, is the ideal solution for achieving high-quality black marking.

  • Permanent legible labeling of medical devices with a traceable UDI code
  • Corrosion resistant markings remain legible after numerous cleaning cycles
  • The utilization of an ultrashort pulse laser makes this process highly suitable for marking small text and barcodes on medical devices
Trumark Station 5000 NEW

Annealing Application

The TruMark Station 5000, paired with TruMark 6030, is the ideal tool for annealing medical products.

  • Long lasting and resistant to abrasion, so you don't have to worry about markings wearing away over time
  • Particularly suitable for objects which are often cleaned as organic residue does not stick to the surface
  • Due to its low heat input, the laser process preserves the original texture of the material surface without any changes

Precision, Efficiency, and Durability: The Key Features of TRUMPF's Laser Marking Solutions

Precision and Clarity with VisionLine Technology

TRUMPF's laser marking systems utilize VisionLine image processing to ensure precise component positioning and accurate markings. With VisionLine, you can be sure that your markings will be clear and easy to read, making quality control processes more efficient.

Streamlined UDI Marking with Comprehensive Software

The laser marking systems come equipped with software specifically designed to facilitate Unique Device Identification (UDI) marking for medical products. With TRUMPF's laser and software bundle, you can achieve UDI marking with ease and accuracy.

Durable, Compliant Laser Markings

These laser marking solutions are designed to meet all FDA requirements for abrasion, temperature, and chemical resistance, ensuring that your markings remain legible and long-lasting. With TRUMPF's advanced laser marking technology, you can be confident that your medical products will meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

High Production, Low Stress

TRUMPF's laser marking systems offer high productivity with minimal stress, allowing you to quickly and efficiently mark large volumes of medical devices with precision and ease. With TRUMPF's turn-key solutions for your marking needs, you can improve your production process while reducing stress and improving quality control.