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The Momentum Machine Tool Company was established in 2015 by present owners Jack Butts, Bill and Tim O’Connell, and Pitch Tseng.  Their rallying purpose was to solve three sets of shortcomings historically endured by users of CNC vertical turning lathes (VTLs).  Specifically, the group held as goals to improve, customizability, and heavy duty-ness.

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Momentum MVL-12 and MVL-16

Custom Built Vertical Turning Solutions

Morris CNC machine tool distributors and Momentum Machine Tool Company offer a wide range of super heavy duty VTLs for the largest and heaviest of parts.  Our partnership with Momentum provides customers with custom built vertical turning solutions to meet even the toughest challenges.  Momentum’s robust VTLs are designed and built to withstand the rigors of heavy duty cutting with ease.  The company’s commitment to customer service and desire to provide affordably priced vertical turning solutions mirror the efforts of Morris CNC machine tool distributors.

Momentum Product Categories

  • Vertical Lathes