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Modig Machine Tool

Founded in 1947, Modig Machine Tool focuses on building best in class machines. Modig strives towards constant innovation, cutting edge technology, and unmatched standards of excellence. With in-house R&D, Modig develops and manufactures both the machine and the fixtures providing a significant advantage for their customers. Modig provides customers with manufacturing solutions that make them market leaders in their industry segments.



About Modig

Modig Machine Tool is renowned as one of the world’s leading entities in high-speed machining technology. They develop, engineer, and manufacture premium machines for high-performance machining in aerospace, automotive, energy, space, construction, and heavy equipment industries. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in their products that set new standards in milling, boring, and turning. Modig’s solutions offer increased productivity, exceptional cost-effectiveness, and unrelenting precision. The company’s in-house R&D department works with the latest technology, mechanics, pneumatics, and hydraulics to continuously develop and improve their solutions, ensuring high accuracy, speed, flexibility, and rigidity. They also provide aftermarket support and complete automation solutions.


Products by Modig


Horizontal Machining Centers

MODIG HHV (Horizontal High Velocity) is a versatile machining center for bars and extrusion components. Created with leading aircraft manufacturers, HHV has become the preferred option for top machine shops. MODIG offers other machining centers like FlexiMill, P51, D80, H12, U19, and EVM-2, in addition to HHV2 and HHV3 for bar and extrusion work.


Vertical Machining Centers

MODIG vertical machining centers, such as the RigiMill MG and RigiMill MT, offer exceptional performance. The RigiMill MG ensures the fastest chip removal rates globally, while the RigiMill MT provides high precision and rigidity in a compact design. With chip removal rates up to 55 cubic inches/min (0.9 liter) in titanium and 1,000 cubic inches/min (16.4 liters) in aluminum, these machines excel in efficiency.


Inverted Machining Centers

MODIG’s inverted machining centers offer superior machining advantages compared to traditional processes. By positioning the cutting tool from below, these centers enable efficient chip removal and enhance machine stability, leading to improved speed and precision. The IM machine series from MODIG’s inverted machining center product line guarantees high productivity, unrivaled reliability, and exceptional accuracy.

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