CMM Programming Solutions

Using 3D models and blueprints, Morris South can communicate the geometry of a part, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing, into a CMM Program. Customers within industries such as medical, automotive, aerospace, racing, tool makers, energy and military are benefiting because of our inspection service. Morris South can use scanning touch probes to collect data for CAD-to-part comparison. If you need to review the engineering of a part, we can do this as well as build 3D Models in Solid Works. Morris South can provide customers with reports for traceability and Standards. 


Our CMM Machine

We use the Coord3 UNIVERSAL series CMM machine with a PH10 Renishaw Head and Modus Software to solve your CMM needs. Learn more about our CMM machine and see what it has to offer!

Product Description

The latest generation CMM from Coord3, the UNIVERSAL series, is a versatile measurement tool suitable for both traditional point-to-point measurements and advanced scanning cycles using contact and Laser technology.

The UNIVERSAL series boasts exceptional structural rigidity, making it ideal for 5-axis scanning systems and measuring gears and toothed wheels. The series is designed to reduce the number of parts, simplify construction, and minimize maintenance costs and times.

Equipped with the Renishaw UCC Controls System, the UNIVERSAL series has a Temperature compensation system that automatically corrects errors caused by temperature variations between 60.8-78.8°F (16-26°C). Optical lines with high resolution (0.1μm) prevent distortions induced by the deformations of the main structure.

The Renishaw manual or motorized head, including scanning options, comes with Universal models. It is available in bridge widths from 35.4-59.1 inches (900-1500 mm) and can be configured with table travel lengths exceeding 118.1 inches (3000mm).

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PH10 Probe Head

PH10 Legacy Probe Head

The PH10 motorized probe head range by Renishaw is specifically designed for use on computer-controlled coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). It includes three versatile units (PH10T, PH10M, PH10MQ) that offer features like 720 indexing positions, 0.5 µm (2s) indexing repeatability, 7.5° indexing steps in both axes, and 11.8" (300 mm) extension bar capability. The PH10M and PH10MQ heads also provide autochange compatibility and multiwired probe compatibility.

We Can Help You With...

First Part Inspection Icon

First Article Inspection

Our 'First Article Inspection' service for your CMM machine verifies your initial production output, ensuring it meets all design specifications, thereby setting a high standard for all subsequent production.

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Dimensional CMM Inspection

Our 'Dimensional CMM Inspection' service is designed to ensure your CMM machine operates at its optimal performance. We provide quality inspection and calibration, enhancing your dimensional measurements.

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Visual and CMM Inspection

Our 'Visual and CMM Inspection' service is a comprehensive solution designed for your CMM machine. By integrating visual inspection with advanced CMM technology, we deliver precise, reliable results, elevating your quality control standards.

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DCC-CMM Full Automation

Our 'DCC-CMM Full Automation' service transforms your CMM machine into a fully automated powerhouse. This service enhances efficiency, reduces human error, and allows for continuous, high-precision measurements.

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2D & 3D Contour Analysis

Our '2D & 3D Contour Analysis' service is designed to leverage the full potential of your CMM machine. By providing in-depth contour mapping in both 2D and 3D, we give detailed measurements, ensuring quality and efficient production levels.

Measurement Icon

Surface Finish, Form, and Roundness Testing

Our 'Surface Finish, Form, and Roundness Testing' service for your CMM machine. We analyze every aspect of your product's surface and form, ensuring optimal roundness and superior finish for unparalleled quality.

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Modus Software Programming Services

Our 'Modus Software Programming Services', designed to optimize your measurement processes beyond their default setting. We provide programming that take your production speed to the next level.

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Equator-In-process Gaging

Our 'Equator-In-process Gaging' service helps to achieve immediate, accurate measurements during the manufacturing process, ensuring consistent quality and reducing the need for time-consuming post-production inspections.