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Okuma America’s Distributor of the Year: Morris Group Inc.’s Milestone Achievement

Jul 6, 2023

Morris Group Inc.: Okuma America’s “Distributor of the Year”


We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement for Morris Group Inc. We have been awarded the title of “Distributor of the Year” by Okuma America, a recognition of our ceaseless dedication to excellence across all areas of our work.


Okuma Distributor of the Year Award

Why We’re Celebrating


Our road to this accomplishment hasn’t been a straight and easy path. It was carved out through a rigorous commitment to innovation, strategic planning, and the provision of world-class customer service. A few key elements of our journey are highlighted below:

  • Achieving the highest total units sold, with an impressive count of 653.
  • Exceeding our gross $ quota, with an achievement rate of 105.5%.
  • Attaining the highest market-share, at 10.9%.


The Customer Experience: A Top Priority


The element we cherish the most among these achievements is the #1 highest Net Promoter Score (NPS). This score reflects our customers’ satisfaction with our services and indicates their likelihood to recommend us. It is based on feedback received from customers following our field service work, covering aspects such as our professionalism, technical knowledge, speed, and overall customer experience.


This recognition, derived directly from our customers’ voices, resonates deeply with us, as our primary mission is to ensure customer satisfaction. A heartfelt thank you to all our service employees for making this possible!


A Time to Celebrate and Reflect


While it is crucial to celebrate our accomplishments, we believe it is equally important to maintain our focus and remain humble. Being in a customer service-focused industry, we understand that our reputation is built on what we have done recently rather than past laurels.


Our resolve as a company is to continue striving for excellence, every single day. We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our employees who contributed to this award. Let’s keep making our customers happy!


Looking Forward


While we bask in the glory of our achievements, we are also looking forward to the future. We’re more motivated than ever to uphold our commitment to excellence and continue to provide top-notch service to our customers. Stay tuned for more exciting developments at Morris Group Inc.


Thank you, Okuma America, for this recognition. Here’s to more years of successful partnerships and shared achievements!




This award is a significant milestone in our journey. It reiterates our commitment to our key stakeholders – our customers, builders, and employees – and reassures us that our efforts are making a difference. As we strive to remain a top distributor, we promise to uphold the values and standards that brought us here. To continued growth and success!


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