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New Morris Partner – Famar

Mar 25, 2022

Morris is proud to announce its partnership with FAMAR!

Morris' new partner Famar

Morris Group is excited to announce a new partnership!  We have partnered with the FAMAR Group of Italy and are excited to now carry all of the machines and automation they produce.

We, as Morris, strive to provide our customers with the best technology and believe that our partnership with FAMAR will help us to continue doing so.  FAMAR engineers inverted vertical turning machines which are capable of machining almost any round part.  In addition, they have also engineered a line of machines for production of prismatic parts such as gearboxes, steering knuckles, engine blocks and cylinder heads.

FAMAR has developed a series of products designed to satisfy the most sophisticated needs of the global market.  These include machines that perform individual processes as well as integrating other productivity boosting processes that result in parts “from the raw material to the finished part”.  FAMAR machines, systems, and solutions are fine-tuned perfectly to fit the part to be machined and to the cycle time required to defend your bottom line, while guaranteeing micron precision, even for massive quantities!