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Morris Plus

About Morris Plus™ is our commitment to help you realize gains in the productivity and profitability from your new capital equipment now and in the future.

When you purchase new equipment from us, we will promptly introduce you to a Morris Productivity Specialist who carries out the mission of Morris Plus.

This valuable Morris team member is your partner throughout pre-installation, installation and start-up - simplifying and streamlining all steps. Examples of what Morris Productivity Specialists do for you, free of charge:

  • Perform a thorough but efficient needs analysis during an onsite visit and easy checklist procedure
  • Help identify products to optimize your new machine's performance and operation
  • Work closely with reliable third-party suppliers of tooling, workholding, accessories, software, automation and more to source virtually everything needed under, on or above your machine - at no extra cost or mark-up
  • Interface and coordinate with other members of your Morris team and outside resources on your behalf
  • Leverage the purchasing power and manufacturing technology knowledge of Morris Group to help you do more, with less

The Productivity Specialist's attention to you and your business continues after the machine is up and running too. Recommending the latest technology to fill new needs and supporting continuous improvement goals are the bases of the long lasting relationships that our Productivity Specialists often build with customers.

100% customer satisfaction is our goal, throughout the life-cycle of your machine tool.

Morris Commitment

We are committed to helping you realize gains in the productivity and profitability from your new capital equipment, now and in the future, by connecting you with a Productivity Specialist.

Ready to Improve Productivity?

Want to know if there are simple improvements you can make to increase productivity? Schedule a no-obligation appointment with your regional Productivity Specialist. We work with the industry's leading suppliers of tooling, accessories, software and more.